We are a Hawaii-based destination event company specializing in chic events

Aloha and welcome to a world where chic meets tropical in the creation of unforgettable experiences. As a renowned Hawaii-based destination event company, we pride ourselves on our expertise in


Aloha and welcome to a world where chic meets tropical in the creation of unforgettable experiences. As a renowned Hawaii-based destination event company, we pride ourselves on our expertise in crafting one-of-a-kind occasions tailor-made for our clients’ desires. Whether you’re looking to organize a beachfront wedding, an anniversary celebration beneath swaying palm trees, or a birthday bash featuring an authentic luau, our commitment to detail and luxury ensures that your event will be nothing short of extraordinary—after all, that’s why we are known as Aloha Chic!

The Magic of Hawai’i

There is something truly enchanting about the islands of Hawai’i that captures the hearts and imaginations of all who visit. With their stunning vistas, pristine beaches, and rich cultural heritage, it’s no wonder why so many have chosen Hawai’i as their dream destination for celebrating life’s most cherished moments.

And for those looking to elevate their special occasion beyond expectation—we are Aloha Chic, and we have dedicated ourselves to creating breathtaking events infused with the spirit of the islands we call home.

Our Services – A Symphony of Luxury & Authenticity

At Aloha Chic, our passion for designing exceptional events is best showcased through our comprehensive range of services that harmoniously blend luxury with authenticity. As seasoned event planners with vast experience working within the Hawai’i hospitality realm, we are uniquely positioned to transform your vision into reality through our offerings:

1. Venue Selection: Our inexhaustible knowledge of the local landscape allows us to assist our clients in finding the perfect location for their special day—from secluded beachfront estates to upscale resorts or even culturally significant locations steeped in history.

2. Design & Décor: Our talented design team curates all elements necessary to bring your theme to life while ensuring every aspect of your celebration remains cohesive—think lush floral arrangements, custom fabric draping, bespoke lighting installations, and more.

3. Catering & Culinary: Partnering with exclusive local chefs who prioritize fresh ingredients sourced from the island itself; our culinary offerings can range from island-inspired cuisine or Hawaiian fusion dishes sure to captivate your guests’ palates.

4. Entertainment & Production: It wouldn’t be a Hawaiian event without local talent sharing their culture through traditional music and dance performances—for which we have long-standing partnerships with the finest performers in Hawai’i.

5. Support Services: Providing unparalleled support throughout your journey with us—from guest accommodations and transport logistics to on-site coordination and management—our mission is to ensure that every detail is cared for so you can be fully present during your celebration.

Case Studies – Aloha Chic Success Stories

Your event should not only be unforgettable—it should be uniquely yours. Here at Aloha Chic, we have cultivated meaningful relationships with numerous clients who entrusted their dreams to us as we worked together in creating magical moments in Hawai’i.

From intimate vow renewals under starlit skies along Oahu’s North Shore to grand philanthropic galas attended by Maui’s elite community members—we’ve executed every type of destination event with impeccable precision while embodying the essence of our island home.

When you choose Aloha Chic as your destination event partner, you can expect uncompromising attention to detail coupled with an unwavering commitment towards making your special moment shine brighter than any other within the Hawaiian Islands. Allow us to transport you into a world where chic meets tropical—the world of Aloha Chic—and begin crafting an unforgettable destination event that authentically reflects the magic of Hawai’i alongside your own personal flair.

We invite you to connect with us today for an exclusive consultation by visiting [Website URL] or reaching out via [Contact Information]. Let’s start creating magic together—Aloha!