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Hawaii is the ideal place to organize a party, that’s why we are an expert in organizing parties on this tropical island. Events: – Summer BBQ Party – Sunset Cocktail


Hawaii is the ideal place to organize a party, that’s why we are an expert in organizing parties on this tropical island.


– Summer BBQ Party

– Sunset Cocktail Party

– Hula Hoop Contest

– Wedding Planner

Hawaii is the perfect destination for an event. The U.S state is known to have a Mediterranean climate and it boasts of various natural wonders like beaches, rainforests, volcanoes, and more.

Hawaii has hosted several events on its beautiful island with Chic Events by Beachfront Events planning the most amazing parties in Hawaii. If you want to get your party organized in the best place on Earth then let us help you plan your next event here!

Hawaii is known for its beauty and lush, tropical climate, with stretches of white sand beaches and clear blue seas. Our events take place either on the beach or in a private estate surrounded by fruit trees, not too far from Waikiki Beach

If you want to organize an event that’s out of this world – you’ve come to the right spot! Enough said.

We are a company that specializes in event planning. Our team likes to spice up your events, by providing the best of Hawaii for your weddings, parties, corporate events and even ceremonies.

Chic events are hosting these days. There is always a party out there in Hawaii for you to explore. Whether you want to be with your friends or on the beach, we take care of the organization!

We have specialized in marketing and event management for 10 years now. We know what it takes to organize an event and are able to take care of all of your needs while visiting us in beautiful Hawaii!

Catch our eye as a chic event host with Chic Events Hawaii!

Hawaii is a beautiful place. It has a beachside, island-style waterfront with a mountainous backdrop and it boasts some of the most beautiful skies in the world. For those who love to dream, Hawaii is the perfect place to go.

We are Hawaii’s local party planners, providing beachside events, private events and more! Contact us today for your next event!

Let us create your next Hawaii event. We are experienced and knowledgeable about this beautiful island. We understand the importance of a chic event to make your guests feel like they are on vacation for more than just a few days.

We have experience in designing themed events with Hawaiian cuisine, making it the best way to get involved with the locals of the Hawaiian culture and experience the islands in detail.

One of our specialties is hosting parties that cater to everyone’s taste and preferences – everyone from karaoke nights to beach bonfires. So if you’re looking for an event company that offers great experiences, contact us today!

Our staff has enough experience organizing parties and events, there is no need to worry that we won’t know what to do. We know how to throw a party in Hawaii!

Hawaii is a great place for event planners. The climate is perfect and you have a lot of great events happening all the time. Plus, the food is just amazing!

Our team has experience organizing parties, weddings and more – we are the best option for your next event in Hawaii.

Hawaii is a beautiful place to host a chic event. There are so many celebrities that live in Hawaii, so you can get access to some of their friends and guests. You can rent out a beach house or go on vacation with your guests and enjoy the sun, waves, and sand.

We are here to help you organize events in Hawaii and give you ideas for how to plan a memorable event for your guests. From romantic dinner cruises on the water to cocktail parties at an exclusive oceanfront resort – we have all the details covered.

When it comes to planning an event in Hawaii, there’s no better team than us! We take care of all of your needs from booking the venue, catering services, vendors such as photographers and DJs – everything!